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My Great Expectations

I'm back after a long absence. I thought I wanted to explore other virtual settings that I have never been before. But this place has a stronger glue!! So here I am wanting you people to share your thoughts on this space.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens ends with the idea that perhaps there is a future for Pip and Estella. After all the things they have experienced, being together is no longer a question. How many of you like this ending?

I have also given you the original ending of Great Expectations. It saddens me to read about Estella living a life void of love and Pip living a life without his love. Do you think this is an apt ending for Pip and Estella?.


  1. Hello Madam! I hope you have a great day. Ah loveee, great choice of topic I must say hehehe. Honestly in any book that I have read, I prefer happy endings because that’s what readers want right? The best for both hero and heroine; to have a good life after all the hardships they have faced in their relationship. But after some time, I started to think that perhaps not all relationships end well. It is not something weird about broken relationship. And I guess some writers would love to see the main characters to suffer. Haha, no?

    Talking about Great Expectations, the ending in the novel was okay. I mean, Dickens left us with a big question mark; were Pip and Estella together or they preferred to be just friends? For those who are rooting for Pip + Estella, they would have suggested that they got married and live happily ever after. For those who might be a little bit realistic, they would like to see Pip and Estella became friends. And as for me, I think I love the original ending of Great Expectations; Estella living a life void of love and Pip living a life without his love. Not that I love to see them suffer, but I guess that’s the price they have to pay for what had happened ever since they first met. Nothing good should have happened between an ordinary boy like Pip who would leave everything behind for the sake of a girl, and an angel like Estella who was being so cold and vicious towards everyone, disregarding her own feelings towards Pip. For Pip to change from a descent country boy to an ungrateful, insensible gentleman, I feel that it’s quite disheartening to believe that he would still go after Estella even after all the cold treatment she had been giving to him. And as for Estella, living with a lunatic Miss Havisham should not be the reason why she was acting mean towards Pip even though she knew deep inside she had had feelings towards the pathetic boy. I mean if she loved Pip, she would have just confessed to him from the start. That way she would never have to marry the horse bully, Bentley Drummel. Pip was ungrateful towards Joe and became selfish and Estella took for granted the pure love given by Pip. Both had committed their own stupid mistakes and that is why I prefer the ending where both of them were not meant to be together. But honestly, I guess it’s okay to have the picture that both of them live happily ever after. That way, we can still have hopes in true love.

    But I still love happy ending novels, anyway! XD

  2. I think it is acceptable and fair enough to end the story by giving a happy ending to both Pip and Estella after what they have been going through. As for Pip, he is initially willing to become a gentleman as he misunderstands his benefactor, whom he believes to be Miss Havisham while assuming that she is planning for him to be with Estella. Meanwhile for Estella, she deserves to be happy with the man that she loves since she has already lost her right to do so as she has to obey Miss Havisham and her plan to avenge men.

    To be frank, i completely prefer Dicken's second ending instead of the original one because both Pip and Estella deserves their happiness just like what i have stated above. Besides, the original ending gives them no chance of being together as the have encountered such unfair life as the consequence of being used by others.

  3. In my opinion, even though Charles Dickens wrote two endings for the novel. Frankly speaking, I really prefer the first original ending. From my perspective, Dickens had written the first original ending for a purpose. He intend to convey a message to tell the world that life is not a fairy tale, that life do not always ended up with a ‘happily ever after’. Thus, for me, the second ending was written just for the sake of the public and did not come purely from the own author’s heart, yet that is just my own opinion.

    Additionally, the first original ending seems much logic to Estella's education and motivations with how Ms Havisham's had taught her, with evidence that even after the death of her first husband, Estella was able obtains a new husband for herself in a short time. Though it was not entirely Estella fault with how her life had become, I honestly feel that Estella deserve the ending that she got in the original ending.

    For me, Pip deserves a much better companion than Estella. In the novel, it can be seen that Pip mostly falls in love with Estella due to her pretty face. Therefore, I feel that Pip should move on from Estella and learn that real love does cannot be count from the appearance. Maybe if the first ending can continue, Pip will be able to find real love; one that does not depend only on a pretty face, but a love come from the heart and from within the person that he fall in love with.

    Throughout the novel, I can see how obsessed Pip on wanting to become a gentleman, yet Pip later was able to accept himself for who he is, where, for a reader like me, it was really satisfying to see how Pip’s character grown and develop. In short, I am really fond of the first ending as Pip was finally able to find his closure with his obsession over Estella and move on with his life.

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  5. Honestly, as a normal human, who would not dig for a happy ending in life right? However, life is not a bed of roses and most people would prefer to disregard that fact. When it hurts one in life, it hurts so bad because nobody sees it coming. As in the novel Great Expectation, frankly speaking I would love the story to have the initial ending where Charles Dicken wrote things whole-heartedly whatever he had in mind without all those noises and demands from others. He must have his own justification for it. As in for me, the first ending gives me a greater impact for it hurts me so bad to see two people who are so much in love need to be separated for reasons. It also gives me as a reader, the notion that life goes on although bad things happen.

    From my opinion, we are so used to hoping for an excellent ending at the end of a conflict. But that does not always happen in life. We need to be fed with realistic occurence yet with implied hope just so people will know that they will always be a light that will guide us "home". People need to be explained that it is fine to have a bad ending and we can always have a better future. These are the things that I suppose readers can evaluate from the original ending.

    All in all, I would prefer the original ending because after everything that they have been through, all of the changes that have taken place, it tells us that the power of Pip and Estella's love covers up the pain they need to face due to the separation. It is subtly implies in the ending.

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    2. *It is subtly implied in the ending.

  6. Charles Dickens did a clever thing to end the story how he did in Great Expectations, in a way to keep his readers busy figuring out what will really happen next between Pip and Estella after encountering each other at the end of the book.

    Seeing that there is a fat chance Pip and Estella will end up be together, this leads me to thinking of the possibilities of whether or not their relationship will blossom into a healthy one in a long run. Nevertheless, I like the ending as it ended with a seemingly happy note.

    However, I favour the alternative (original) ending more where Pip and Estella eventually go separate ways. To me, this ending gives a proper closure to all the crazy adventures Pip and Estella have gone through for a long time. Pip deserves to taste life without Estella. Anyhow, both Pip and Estella are still friends.

    It's nice to know that Estella has grown into a humble lady who expects nothing much and nothing less. While Pip has turned into a real gentleman in character shaped by events of emotional turmoil, thanks to Miss Havisham's teachings and Estella's temperamental treatments towards him. It is a wonder how Pip withstood such pressure throughout the whole time.

    Also, Pip did not even try to justify who little Pip is. Instead, he let that pass which I think it signifies his desire to move on and live a new life without Estella. Thus, I find this a suitable ending for the betterment of both Pip and Estella.

  7. Hello madam.
    I'm on the same page as Afaa and Yui that most readers prefer a HAPPY ending in any stories. In this novel, the second ending which Pip & Estella holding hands together is the happy ending right. However, I dislike this version because Pip deserves someone better than Estella. Estella is not fit for Pip no matter how nice she is at the end of the story.
    I may sound cruel but this is not counted as a second chance for Estella. Pip has been waiting for her for a very long time no matter how painful the situation was. He stood there and waited for Estella even though he knew he will never win her over. For crying out loud, he even advised Estella not to marry Mr.Drummle! Imagine we are advising someone we love about getting married. For me, that's very painful.
    Hence, I definitely prefer the original ending where at the end they continue on separate directions. Estella deserves that ending and I hope Pip finds someone better like Biddy.

  8. Everyone love happy ending. Having a thought that they will end up together and live happily ever after already made me feels happy. Yeah, that’s what will people said when they read a book. However, I would prefer different styles of ending in a story. In Great Expectation, there are two different ending provided by Charles Dickens. Based on my point of view, I think the original ending is the apt ending for Great Expectation. I really love the way Charles Dickens ended the story in the original ending.
    In the alternative ending, Dickens ended the story with a happy ending for both Estella and Pip. For me, stories with happy-ending are unfinished stories. Happy ending is just the beginning in our life. As we know, the story was full of conflict and complication. We can see how the love between Estella and Pip changed Pip into a bad man. Even Estella also seems in love with Pip, but she not brave enough to defend their love. It is undeniable that Estella become like that because of Ms Havisham. But, if she really loves Pip, she will never marry another man. Besides that, I don’t think their love is the purest love. I think Pip’s love for Estella is more to love based on Estella appearance and beauty. Because of all these reasons, I really believed that they are not destined together. And that is the reason I prefer the original ending.

  9. I would prefer the original ending because that is what happening in real life. Pip is like the most devoted and patient man ever lived on earth as his love is one and only for Estella. Pip goes through the state where he needs to face the truth of Estella is somehow marrying other man even though deep inside his heart says that Estella does love him as he does. From the novel, we can tell that Estella is actually in love also with Pip but she has to deny her feeling for the sake of her mother who was trying so hard to mould Estella into a men-hearts-breaker. Estella says that she would not treat Pip like how she treats other men for she will break their hearts. Looking into the perspective of happy ending, most likely it occurs in fairy tales but not in reality. Charles was a great author and I am pretty sure that the original ending was his true imagination and understanding of how the story should end. Well, we know for the sake of his readers, he rewrote the ending.

  10. Hello Mdm,

    In my opinion, I love the ending where Pip and Estella finally get together. I love the happy ending as most of the people do. I think Pip and Estella deserve the happy ending after what happen for the past few years in their life. They have been living on other’s expectation for so long. Estella has been in Miss Havisham’s control since she was a kid and Pip tries to be a gentleman to impress the love of his life. They never really live their life the way they want.
    It is unfair for them if they are not together at the end. After all the pain and hardship, Pip and Estella deserve their happiness and live happily with the person they love the most. Both of them have already learnt the lesson from their mistakes and it is fair enough to finally get the happy ending.

  11. Hello mdm.

    I kinda like the second ending more than the first one this is because the 2nd one has a closure to both characters. Pip and Estella finall reconcil after so many years. Estella learn her mistake and Pip forgives her. It is a good way to end this story rather than left the characters be unforving and no closure at all.

    But if towards the end, i dont think Estella and Pip will be back together. Yeah they have reconcil and held hands but thats it. They probably will ended ul be just friends. And after 2 disaster marriages and traumatic abusive environment, i dont think Estella would want to have a 3 marriage. Maybe she will but it will take time for that, maybe years perhaps. So i guess being friends for now is the best option for both of them. It is the transition for them to mend their wounded hearts. But i guess this is just my opinion.

  12. Holla Madam Jue :)
    As from Una's brain in literature, i would like to say that of course I would like the happy ending rather than the original saddening ending. Rather than saying that it is much preferable since everyone would love to find happiness in love and anything else, I would like to say that nowadays' literature, everybody would like to do the plot twist. Thus, for me, it was not as unique as how yesteryears people viewed the sad ending. But, in context of 1860s people, of course it would had been a very shocking ending expectation.
    Just like what Hana said , I was also disagree with the fact that Pip deserved Estella because Estella was actually worth nothing. She was just Pip's first sight love and wasn't appreciate Pip much. But, as I look again through the window of Biddy's heart, Pip really deserved Estella. It is like 'what you give, you'll get back'. But of course, it was still a good thing to know that she get to be with Estella again rather than to be with someone else that he might not be able to love or like her.
    The vague ending of this novel seems so interesting to me because Dickens was able to put his readers to use the brain and imagine various kind of ending ; whether they will get married or separate few years later. All interpretation might varied from everyone's point of view and imagination. And the ending element is actually my most favorite part because of it's ambiguousness. I can control my own expectation to be delighted or to be dejected :)

  13. In my opinion, I think everyone deserves a happy ending. So, I’ll go for the second ending. In the Great Expectation, Charles Dickens wrote two endings for the novel. When the original was printed, the society back then didn’t really favour it because they had lived a tough life. They work so hard in their daily life to earn some money and be able to enjoy themselves. Thus, they went and bought some books hoping to entertain themselves after a tired day. When Charles Dickens wrote the original ending the society back then didn’t really want to read it because they didn’t find the cherish moment in reading a depressing ending. So, Charles Dickens wrote the second ending to increase the sale of the novel again.
    But, that is not the only reason why I love the second ending. Just like Liyana Mustapha has said earlier, Pip and Estella deserve the happy ending in life. They had been through a tough life at least, let them feel the joy and happiness in life. Estella has been broken and bent in her marriage and in her life. She has learnt her lesson, it’s now her time to feel what happiness really like. For Pip, he deserved to be with Estella because Estella was the love of his life. Estella was the reason why he wanted to be a gentleman and he did. Along the way to become the gentleman, Pip has learnt the true meaning to be a gentleman when he met his benefactor Magwitch who taught him to be good to people in life. Everybody deserves a second chance in life because life is a cycle. Once you’re up and in a blink you’re down.
    Plus, what Estella had been through in her life was not a punishment for her. It was just one of the difficulties in live that she has to go through. But, if they’re not together I think that is what we called a punishment because they are separated and in vein. That is the reason why I hope they will be together. So, I do in love with the second ending instead of the original ending.
    Nor fatin hanani

  14. Howdy madam!

    As for me, I would prefer the happy ending for both Pip and Estella because they deserve each other. Even though we all know that the characteristics of Pip and Estella totally contradicts one another with Estella being a first class b**** and Pip being a.. well Pip, the forgiving and romantic guy I must say. Despite the vast differences, doesn't love means to complete each other? And I strongly disagree that Pip's love for Estella is solely a credit to her beauty. Initially, yes he did fall for her beauty but after all the insults Estella throw on his face he still loves her. He takes Estella for what she is. Plus, Estella did say that what she did to Pip was because she does not want to deceive Pip and treat him like any other men she wanted to allure. However, Estella decision to marry Drummle slightly saddens me but on the other hand I'm glad because finally Miss Havisham felt guilty for what she did to Estella-her teachings and I bet Miss Havisham did not wish to go as far as letting Estella marrying Drummle. Poor Pip but I believe this is what the 'no pain no gain' refers to haha really?

    In addition, the original version did not bother me much because I could somehow empathise Pip of his doing letting Estella think that little Pip is his son. This is maybe because Pip's still feeling disappointed with Estella decision marrying Drummle even he knows that Estella truly loves him. But it is quite unfair for Dickens to end it this way. What comes after Estella and Pip was all other people's doing. Miss Havisham doings, carrying out her plan to bring all men to hell through Estella is a grave mistake.

  15. Good day madam,
    Moving on to the question. Which ending is more preferable?
    An ending is never really an ending isn’t it? An ending is a start to a new beginning.
    So I would like to believe that the Great Expectations novel should end where it indicates the beginning of Pip’s new life. A life where he is completely free from the thoughts of Estella. Where he fulfilled all of his expectations or ambitions for the sake of himself not because of Estella.
    So you can conclude that I very much prefer Dickens’ first ending. There are a few reasons why the first ending is more appropriate to the novel. Firstly, life never really works the way we want it to be. We have ambitions and expectations. But whether we able to fulfill them or not is on God’s will. I think it is important to address that in life we will achieve happiness but not in a way we expect them to be. In the novel Pip expects he will be happy being a gentleman with Estella by his side. However, fate works in a mysterious way as towards the ending we could see Pip is very much happy living his life as a trader with his nephew. Without Estella.
    Next, one thing I noticed in the first ending is Pip’s absence of obsession towards Estella. In my opinion, it certainly indicates Pip’s maturity. He spent his whole childhood and half of adolescent years aggravating over the fact that he will never obtain Estella. And another half working for it. So it bodes well to me that Pip decides to leave that part of him behind and grow up. His acceptance over the fact he will never marry Estella certainly is a happy ending for him.
    Furthermore, there are arguments of Estella deserved better than a loveless marriage. My rebuttal will be that she is a glutton for punishment. Everyone deserves what they believed they deserve. She thinks she doesn’t deserve Pip, so she don’t. It is as easy as that. For someone who has a proper education in her life, blaming her shortcomings on her upbringing seemed very far-fetched. In other words, her educated background should be able help her to differentiate between right and wrong, right? Well, in Estella’s case, she don’t. However, credits should be given when she admitted her wrong doings to Pip. One step at a time I guess.
    In a nutshell, I believed the original ending should be the appropriate ending for the novel. As I said before, endings are just the beginning. I hope Pip will find someone whom he loves that deserves his affection and respect. I also hope that Estella will finally realise that she is not as trapped as she think she is and begin a new life.

  16. Hi madam ! Sharmine’s here.
    Being an avid believer that life is not a fairytale, I would rather prefer the first original ending where Pip and Estella sadly, but satisfyingly I must say, not to be together. Don’t they deserve to be happy? Why should he write the novel at the first place if not to give the readers the ending they want? Yes, indeed it is true but in my humble opinion, yeah sometimes life did give the hell out of you and it is soothing really to know that these two fictitious characters are living the same life just like real people – where happiness and good closure don’t come off as too easily.
    For me, it is kind of relieving to know that there’s possibility for a whole lot more fascinating things could happen for our main characters as the first ending is giving them the chance to do so. The dynamic ending left the readers with a lot of questions – yes that I would not deny, but also it will open the doors to the growth of Pip and Estella. To not only holding back on their past but to move on with their life, to feel content with whatever they have even if it means they have to sacrifice the one thing they couldn’t possibly get – love. There’s a price that they have to pay after all for their failings, Pip being a gentleman so intolerable he forgot the one who brought up him by hand, Estella being a lady with no heart and empathy living life to wreak revenge towards men. It is not that I despise these two characters but it is because I love them that I want the deserving ending for Pip and Estella – for them to be a better person and one of the way is for them not to be together in each other’s embrace.
    Despite my kind of preach that they shouldn’t end up together, I really love the way Pip’s love is being presented in this novel. Pip is the kind of man who would love fiercely – if he says that he loves someone, then come hell or high water he will still that someone just the same. Unchanging and unvarying. To everyone’s dismay, Pip ultimately knows that Estella is not the kind of woman he should choose to love; preferably due to her arrogance and wickedness she inherits from Miss Havisham. Pip knows this and it is the fact that Estella is not perfect that makes him loves her more – he loves her for all of her weaknesses and insecurities – he loves her despite the love that he gives is consuming him more than ever. He knows all of this, and being Pip, he still loves.
    And just as how much Pip is willing to love an Estella, that is how he should muster all of his guts and courage to learn to let her go. Because ladies and gentleman, love doesn’t mean that we should conquer, but sometimes love means that we could learn to be content without them. I believe both Pip and Estella love one another whole-heartedly, it’s just that let fate fares them better and it is upon us to wish them happiness even though it means they have to choose a different path.

  17. Greetings~ It is late yes I noticed that but this is the time when my brain works best. Ok. Now to the ending. I would say the original ending is better. Saying that it is Dickens' original ending meaning it was his intention. Not from other's opinion and improvements. Needless to say the second ending is much rewarding for both characters but as someone who prefers realistic views and reasons, I would say the original ending has more impact rather than the alternate ending.

    Preferably, the first ending is relatable to us in this modern time. Separated people find it is difficult to keep things normal after their separation and misunderstandings. A weird vibe conceals both man and woman in a situation named 'awkward'. But Pip and Estella are not normal since they had special, creative and out-of-the-world upbringers in their lives. These people directly influenced them in everything especially their behaviour towards one another.

    I think that it is fair for Pip to not be with Estella since I don't want him to end up with someone like that. Although Estella mentioned she had changed, it could be possible that in matter of time she'll go back to her usual self. Habits die-hard. Pip is better off too with Joe and Biddy and live their lives as an average country family and Estella should focus on her child instead of trying to find romance for herself. This might seem cruel but people are like this. All of the temptations are never-ending and we are too weak to fight against it. I would say, they are better off separated since after all these years despite their unwavering love, they still can live and survive. And it would be better for the to continue their own storyline themselves...

  18. Hello, Madam. This is Shafiqa.

    This is the third time I have to rewrite my response because of the internet connection had wiped 'em out.

    Anyway, moving on to the discussion. A lot had been said. And there's not much to comment. However, I'd go with the first ending. Not only that it is more realistic as to what Kpop has discussed above, but because it fits the flow and much more fitting to both characters.

    Now if we are talking about happy ending, it does not only constitute romance. Love reciprocation, or choosing to stay together does not equate happy ending. But I do think elements of self-acceptance, achieving peace and moving forward towards betterment of oneself are sufficient enough to indicate that Pip actually gets the happy ending he deserved. This is beautifully portrayed by Charles Dickens and I think that is what make his novel refreshing (even though during his era, it is not acceptable to write such ending, but still).

    Another thing is I think mainly because Pip and Estella have had tragedies happened to them, and between them. To put it simply, when two people have history between each other, it is best to leave as how it is. They are better off as friends, as how others have discussed above.

  19. Hi madam this is Ikmal,
    its a great issue whereby the readers can sort of have a little vote on which ending that Pip and Estella deserves or which ending that the readers want for Pip and Estella. Everyone deserves a happy ending there is no doubt about it. I personally think that Pip and Estella also deserves a happy ending by moving on with their lives separately. This is because both Pip and Estella is actually growing to become a better person and i cannot see both of them growing in the same picture. This is because both of them may disrupt each others growth in becoming a better person. Yes, both Pip and Estella started to realize that they need to change by having this conflict with each other bu thats the only thing that their relationship will have. Conflict. The conflict that they have face really makes them to become a better person but now that they already become a better person where they will go from there? I personally think moving on with their lives separately is best for them.

  20. Hello madam,
    In my opinion, both endings are interesting. If I have to choose, I would prefer the first ending (the original) than the alternative one. The first ending is very unexpected and somehow realistic. It makes the reader wonder why it happens and why Dickens wrote it. Maybe he wants to share that life is not always full with rainbow and butterflies. Sometimes life does not end like what we want and we still have to move on to live. Same with the novel, Pip and Estella will not get back together as Pip is ready to move on with his life without Estella. He does not even clarify that little Pip is not his son but Joe’s.
    I would say that both of them deserve happiness but not with each other company. They might find other people who can accept and appreciate them as who they are.

  21. Greetings and Good day Madam,
    I honestly think that the first ending is more intriguing. It is true that the ending is sad or I'd rather say unfair for both Pip and Estella. Pip of course, loves Estella with all his heart and he has been true and loyal to his love since he started to know Estella. He did everything he could to win Estella's heart and he believes that Estella will be his. Plus, he has believed that his benefactor in the progress of becoming a gentleman in London was Miss Havisham and that gives him more hope of ending up with Estella. Unfortunately, he was dead wrong. It appears that the benefactor was Abel Magwitch, a convict and Pip finds it hard to believe. And everything seemed clear for him after that, that a chance to be with Estella is not as bright as before. Still, he tried because he loves Estella so much and his heart breaks as Estella married Drummel and left for good. I cannot imagine, how can a person still has love in his or her heart for someone that breaks their heart so bad like Estella did to Pip after all the effort that he puts just for her.
    Not to blame Estella as well, it is also unfair for her. She was taught that way by Miss Havisham. And yet, it is impossible for a woman to be heartless like Estella, she is still human with heart and feelings. I think, she fights to defeat the feelings that she has for Pip. But to be realistic, how many women would come back to the man she ‘killed’ when everything goes wrong for her? And how many men would keep the love that he has for a woman who betrayed him? I agree with Dickens with the idea that he had for the first ending in Great Expectations. Not every story has a great ending and life isn’t a fairy tale where everything comes to a happily ever after ending. As an author, I think Dickens should have stayed with the first idea for the ending of Great Expectations. And as for the second ending that Dickens wrote for the sake of the public’s favor and opinion, I think Pip would be a fool if he accepts Estella as a companion, he may forgives her but not to keep loving her because there are plenty of fish in the sea. And a gentleman like Pip is best to be with someone better than Estella.
    By : Shazana Salman

    1. Do the things you say here sound familiar? Who do you know hurts the man that loves her with all his heart like this?

    2. Do the things you say here sound familiar? Who do you know hurts the man that loves her with all his heart like this?

  22. I agree with Charles Dickens second ending. Both of Estella and Pip should have happy ending. They had gone through bad times as they grow mature and they learnt from their mistakes. Estella knew she loves Pip but the teaching of Miss Havisham had made her ignorant. Later she accepted her husband abused as her punishment. Pip in the other hand, should appreciate the love from his brother in law as he always want to be a gentleman so he can married Estella. They had gone through it and deserved the happy ending.
    By munifah baba

  23. Hi madam..this is Hafidz
    In my opinion..whether the ending is good or depends on the readers..some readers might love the first ending but some are for me I think the first ending is good enough..the ending leaves us with a question; Pip will be with Estella as her best friend or vice versa?..if Pip with Estella as her best friend..I think it is good..this is because in our life, not all the good things are for us..sometimes we need negative things to happen in our life..because they will make us stronger..mentally and physically..they will make us a better person..even we work hard for something, sometimes we dont get that something..because maybe God has something better for us..if Pip with Estella as her lover..I think most of the readers will love it..for sure the readers want this type of ending after they finished read this thick novel..all Pips' effort will be paid shows that good things..good results come with good efforts..

  24. Greetings madam..this is nik aiman..I am sorry for posting this late..
    For the first question, I would say that I prefer that kind of ending as it fulfills the readers expectations that every story must end with a happy ending. After all Pip had gone through because of Estella, he deserves to be have a future with the woman he loves. Even I would want to spend my life with the woman I love. Having a happy ending also gives the pleasure to the readers to continue the story based on their own imagination. I even imagined Pip and Estella had 3 children of their own.
    As for the second question, it is regarding the original ending of the story. If we think of it in another way, Estella deserves to have a very hard life after all she did. This is another representation of karma. Pip did good things when he was young and he is rewarded with a happiness in the end and Estella received the opposite of that as she did bad things. I would not deny that there will be some part of me that would be happy to see someone that made me suffer in the past is suffering now.
    I agree with both ending but my preference would be the happy ending. The world need more happiness than suffering. This story shows that there is always light at the end of a long tunnel.

  25. Hi Pn Juridah, boy... I miss you..... I'm from the PPL 2012 badge...
    When I was reading the Great Expectation during my study with you, yes I hated the ending.... being a hopeless romantic pursuer surely happy ending is my choice whenever I read novels.... Then, years passed by... learning the reality around me; frustrations, grief and depressions can and usually hardens the heart. What Dickens is portraying in his novel is a real life agenda put in writing. Reality sucks as I interpret it but still there are much to learn from grief and sorrow than happiness that is we still have choices even life tumbles us down. We may choose to stand up and pursue happiness or dwell in the sorrow that has never ever really capture us. In this case Estella chose the latter. Maybe she'll be sad but she might also be calm with her choice, who knows....